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The Slutcracker is a two act stage show helmed by women. Subverting the shames many grow up with, we present a Queered evening that celebrates all bodies with holiday cheer. The front men emceeing in Zoot suits and other burlesque clichés have been plucked out. Our premier in 2008 brought sold-out audiences to the 900-seat Somerville Theatre, a subway dash from downtown Boston. We've been humbled so many have thanked our parody of The Nutcracker for renewing their spirits with mirth, beauty and affirmation. Many said they found inspiration to resume dance classes!

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Curtain to curtain, we preserve The Nutcracker's essential music and arc but leave the kids at home—who doesn't believe little Clara should grow up and give consent before the Cavalier gets sweet on her? But those seeking tradition will at least recognize familiar scenes and characters on stage and the warmth of the holiday season at heart, and perhaps a wink from that special time in local history when we romped at Christmas before the church fathers banned it outright. Our Cavalier is played as the Dildo Prince.

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Slutcracker: The Movie remains a story of giving. But when the toy is gifted, it is Clara's fiancé, not her brother, who gets jealous. Naturally, the dance battle breaks out. And our heroine takes the space to finally discover what is true for herself. Bright lights. Tchaikovsky at a story-telling best! The production toured to Montreal. In 2012, we commissioned a crystalline recording of our own Nutcracker score, Tchaikovsky's famous "Casse Noisette", from Filharmonie Brno in the Czech Republic.

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The cast is diverse across several axes: we cast performers of different shapes, sizes, colors, genders, abilities, ages (over 18), and talents. Year to year, the show changes partly based on who gets cast in a show in a particular season. Sometimes inspiration for a new character, costume, or scene comes from an audition. We give a lot of wiggle room for performers to shape their characters—their diverse experiences bring a richness to both the storytelling and the choreography that a director can’t deliver on her own.

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We miss these folks. Until Covid struck, The Slutcracker had the happy fortune of auditioning and working with some of the coolest, most talented performers and theater techies and nerds in the Boston area and beyond. Click the link to find both casts — Amazing and Bodacious — and crew lists.

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