Volunteer at The Slutcracker

There are many volunteer opportunities within The Slutcracker family, both before and during the production, and involving varying levels of limelight.

Please read the following position descriptions and contact the appropriate party with your inquiry. All volunteer positions are rewarded with free tickets to the show, our undying affection, and some snazzy, slutty gifts!

Street Teams

Those volunteering for street teams must be very outgoing, willing to brave the elements, and prepared to be on their feet for a few hours at a time. Street teams will, on foot, hand out flyers to the public outside of theaters, clubs, movie houses, subway stops, festivals, bazaars, etc. Your responsibility will not be limited to the physical act of handing out flyers, but will also include engaging the people, informing them about the show, and wearing flamboyant attire (even if that means tying a feather boa around your winter coat. You will never be asked to flyer solo, you will always be paired with someone else.


Ushers work day of show to assist in handing out programs, helping people find seats (if necessary), directing people to bathrooms and concessions, etc. Must arrive to the theater 1 hour before showtime. Watch the show for free (though you will likely be standing)! Please contact us here.

Merchandise Hawkers

Merch Hawkers work day of show selling merchandise to patrons before and after the show and during intermission. You will be responsible for preparing inventory, handling money, and being responsible for your own sales.  Unlike simply acting as attendant to a merchandise table, merch hawkers actually perform their duties like a cigarette girl or a hotdog vendor at a ballpark, announcing the availability of goods, and actively seeking out customers. Please contact us here.

MUAs & Stylists

We are always looking for makeup artists and hair stylists. Did you just finish beauty school? Are you looking to beef up your portfolio, and fast? Or maybe you’re a seasoned stylist who’s looking for a challenge? The Slutcracker is a great opportunity to do just that. While all the makeup does need to be heavy stage makeup, there are a wide variety of styles represented in the show. All stylists must have a close, personal relationship with glitter, and be able to work quickly and efficiently. Hair and makeup supplies will be reimbursed.

Photographers & Videographers

There are many opportunities for photographers and videographers. Between documenting rehearsals, shows, and backstage mayhem, we’re always looking for more documentation. You must provide a portfolio, your own equipment, and if selected, will be required to share rights to the photos with Sugar Coated Productions, LLC, and obtain releases from all those photographed.